10 signs that a girl likes you

How to know that your tries are really effective? How don't make a floater, when you are hoping, that your baby doesn't reject? There are a lot of advices on such themes. But a huge part of them are contained in books initiated relations psychology between girls and guys. So, if you decided to realize your male sexual fantasies and dreams - you should have tolerance.

And now we are going to reveal some female secrets. From them you will know main purposes for orient in relations evolution and how to know, that girl likes you

Friendship, sympathy or love -- this words are always in guys heads. It's really to determine fully what does a girl think about. Naturally, the most simple way -- ask about it bluntly. But in such way you will not avoid girl's smirks and smiles, funny laughs or ulterior discussions in her girlfriends group. So we offer you to explore acts list that indicate on girl's relationships to you

1. Nonverbal contact plays big role. Pay attention her facial expressions and gestures. Body language open her secrets for you. For example, she looks at you interestedly when she are speking with her girlfriends. It means, that your temper or appearance attracts her attention or she is interesting in communication. Look at her look. Eyes can tell a lot -- you can notice in them interest or sympathy,hostility or hatred. Catch her look and evaluate lady's reaction. Did she hesistate? Did she look away? Believe, she is interested in you.

2. Look at her hair, guy. Does she keep tuggling, twist it or shake her head? It means that her interest is on the top. So don't lose your chance and invite her for a promenade. Remember, it works only in one conditon - if she hesistates when somebody in her company even says your name in discussing with her boyfriends and girlfriends. And when she catches favorite look she is going to lure

3. Some girls nibble and lick lips unconsciously. If you are near with she at this moment - you cause her sympathy. But don't forget that such behavior can be a bed habit.

4. Girl and guy relationship psychology - really complicated science. Nobody can understand everything. So, we advise you to read something about eternal love. Believe us, this theme is close to every young lady. Don't forget to watch at girl in talking time. And analyze all information immediately. Remember, she use every opportunity for attracting your attention.

5. It is very important to remember absolutely all. In this way you will not ask yourself about liking a girl. If you are talking about something and her phone is calling - evaluate her gestures. If she answer immediately, doesn't hang up or leave aside - it means, that she trust you.

6. You noticed that your interests matched. She became to like sport even she doesn't like physical culture and gym clubs. Or suddenly become a inveterate fisherman or COunter Strike gamer

7. One of characteristic attributes that a girl likes you is her requests. It can be a very simple task - take a book from the top of a bookshelf, preparing to a difficult math lesson or a heavy bag, which she ask you to deliver to home.

8. You noticed that your girl starts to wear a handsome dresses, rouge and gets rattled when you are together. It can be a dance floor, the best friend's birthday and other situations when you are in her look

9. She visits you social pages, comments your posts and show others attentions signs in the Internet everyday

10. She starts to demonstrate jealousy signs. For example, you huged common girlfriend and your girlfriend demonstrated an aggresssion and looks to competitor with violence

There were only base signs, which you, real gentleman, should know and consider. And generally we have a lot of different situations on the other side, where we can find a lot of unexpected attention signs. Look at the all small details, compare from this details a full picture and you will know - girls really like you or not

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