10 The Most Beautiful Frozen Lakes


Due to Global Warming there are not many places where you can see a real long and cald winter. Meanwhile, most people really want to change all that beaches and oceans with frozen rocks, deep snow and frozen-through lakes. Merelinc.com decided to put together ten the most beautiful fresh-watered ponds rfow whole world. Every pond can make you to love ainter again. Let's see!

Canada: Abraham lake

Canadian Abraham lake (Avraam in other transcription) becomes more effective at winter time when frozen-in air bubbles fill heavy ice layer up. Actually it is an air from geysers which starts to erupt at spring

Russia: Baikal lake

All facts about Baikal lake are really amazing. It is the oldest and the deepest lake on the Earth. The lake cares about 20 percents of all fresh water reserves. You could see the most effective Baikal's views at winter.

Island: Jokulsarlon

The main counry's miracles are Jokulsarlon lake glacier and near frozen beach. Black volcano sand is opposed with ice mammocks covered whole coast with white edge. Such views are reflected by aurora borealis in the sky.

Hokkaido, Japan: Blue laguna

Hokkaido, as one of japan islands, looks like a poster from child room wall. This child was fascinated by whole world beauty. Volcanos, untouched national parks and lakes. Renowned Blue laguna is the most famous lake in Japan.

Wisconsin, USA: Lake Superior

Sand caves on Apostle island becomes real decorations for fairy tales when the temperature decreases and Lake Superior water is covered by ice. Little waterfalls congeals as cascades of shining dodecahedrons and travellers can get here just walking by the lake surface!

Chile: Torres Del Paine (Gray lake)

Placed on south of Chile Patagonia is known as the biggest nature reserve in the world. Glaring blue lakes and huge glaciers attract thousands of tourists here.

Canada: Luisa lake

Like a major number of glacier ponds Luisa lake is surrounded impenetrable mountains. Its water is pure and transparent. The lake turns into a huge ice rink at winter time: thousands of people visit this area every year for skiing, ice-skating and even carrying out the competition on dog team

Alaska: Duglas mountain

Duglas mountain is a stratovulcano located at south part of Alaska. The crater lake can be perceive as a sanatorium resort: water's acidity and temperature are quite acceptable.

Illinois: Michigan lake

The lake is really beautiful in all parts of the year. There are many musician festivals in summer. And lake is covered with huge ice floes in winter time. The lake is really amazing in bright sunlight.

California: Ellery lake

Lake's fresh water, alpine landscapes and closeness to Yosemite national park make this pond as a popular place for fishing and camping

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