Bill Gates: famous scandals


Our site gathered for our dear readers a collection of famous scandals with Bill Gates: philanthrope, one of CEO and the biggest Microsoft stockholder in the past.

Gates tells about himself: I am disappointed. I am modest. I am polite. I comb myself before sending an e-meil to somebody cause I want to look attractive. Why Bill Gates tells about disappointment? Well, only he can explain this. But he is an embodiment of success and huge state money owner for other whole world. Gates always emphasizes money is not a main purpose for himself. There is should be something bigger, some purpose for humans among success, glory and money. The purpose which can change the world. If I have knew where is the finish line I would reached it years ago -- Bill Gates.

He was the reachest man of the planet in period from 1996 to 2007, in 2009 and 2015 according to Forbes version. His wealth was valued as 79.3 billion of dollars by Forbes datas. This fact made him 20 times the reachest man in USA and 16 times the first man in the world

Bill Gates and highway code

Bill was firstly arrested in 1975 for over speed and driving without driving license. He started to swear with a cop and was put to a "bad" cell, where was drankards and too dirty. Bill made a phone call to his friend. The friend bring money for law violation and disembarrass him from cell. Gates was secondly arrested for driving at red light and driving without driving license in 2 years. He was thirdly arrested for driving under the influence in 1989.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

It is no secret Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were not in friendship. Apple and Microsoft had got rough oppositon with each other and their ideas were rithless criticized: Steve always had got a "salt word" for Gates and his designers command who hadn't got any taste. And Bill said Jobs couldn't program from his side.

The opposition started from Apple II times where Microsoft has just begun to work with graphical design. Microsoft decided to develop some applications for Apple II. Microsoft hired Neil Konzen who was a big Apple fun. He was assigned for Microsoft code integration manager role. Neil has received information about Apple code meanwhile nobody have known about such fact in Cupertino. What is more, Apple programmers have payed Jobs attention at Microsoft worker who want to know more than it was neccesary for his work. Steve didn't believe competitor and hasn't pay much attention to it.

Suddenly in 1983 Microsoft demonstrated enviroment at a exhibition ahere user get a mouse which was an Apple devices feature. First graphical user interface from Microsoft got name "Windows". According to witnesses testimonies, Steve Jobs was rampage and required a meeting with Bill where he said Microsoft has stolen Apple's ideas. But Gates said Apple hes stolen all ideas from Xerox and Microsoft just has done it the same way. Also, mouse usage agreement between Apple and Xerox expired in 1983 and Microsoft had got all rights for the mouse idea usage. Microsoft couldn't get a success at that time and the company has growing for a long to it innovative product - Windows 95. Neil Konzen and his team were dismissed.

Steve and Bill established relations many years later. When Jobs started being ill and stopped to work Gates visited him and wrote farewell letter. It still is a secret, but Jobs saved the letter under a pillow and frequently read it again and again.

Microsoft, Bill Gates and Anti monopolisation scandal

The most huge scandal with financial lose for bill Gates was happened in 1998. Microsoft was interested by American anti monopolisation committee. Company was accused in dishonest clients and consumers handling. The main part of accusation was based on fact that Microsoft declared a war to internet browser Netscape in middle 1990's. Netscape was a famous browser at that monent. The browser war was based on fact that Internet Explore was the most preferable product in Windows and all that weren't not Micrsoft should be forbidden. Bill Gates apearred in a court.

During litigrations Bill Gates behaved very strange: he answered very evasively on main questions, declared he didn't remember any threats to competitor side, although, email copies testified about defendant and his company fault. Court process was stopped in 4 years with confirmed Gates fault.

Bill Gates, FBI and Apple

One day The Financial Times newspaper wrote Bill Gates, the CEO Microsoft corporation, became the first exhibitor of high technology industry who took FBI side in its opposition with Apple in incident iPhone crack which was belong to dead terrorist. After Gates said his words was interpreted in wrong way. "Let's imagine that a bank winds about and HDD with a line and says: Don't make us to cut the line because you will make us to do it many times" - publication quotes Gates speeches which were used to comment the scandal when California state court demanded Apple to provide some software to bypass security system of iPhone which was in property of shooter in San-Bernardino who killed 14 people.

Later when Microsoft exCEO was giving comments for Bloomberg agency he announced he was disappointed headers in The Financial Times because it didn't reflect the real point of view for mentioned question. Actually Gates didn't get FBI side. He was tell there are cases when law enforcement authorities should get access to information but with appropriate guarantee.

Bill Gates and business etiquette

During a meeting with woman-leader of South Korea Microsoft CEO shake her hand with other hand in his pocket. On the next day a photo of disdainful handshake was added to first pages of all korean newspapers. What it was -- cultural missunderstanding or contempt action -- experts answered. But actually such manner of handshake was Gates feature and was fixed before at least 5 times by cameras.

Bill Gates in the White house

Once the richest man wasn't let to visit The White House at the head of the USA Department of Security head because he hadn't got ID card. Security demand the ID card. Gates said that he had forgot it in his car. Main lobbist of Microsoft Jack Crumholz had to go to the Gates car and took the card. He returned in 60 seconds. Bill Gates could pass the gates after this.

Bill Gates and Inheritance

Bill Gates wealth is evaluated nearly 80 billions of dollars and Gates recently said he was not going to leave behind his wealth to his childrens. The statement was a real surprise for press in whole world. However Gates think his children should achieve everything with their efforts and he was ready to give him some support. Gates think his inheritance won't bring any benefit ot children. Bill is onvinced skill in spending money is so hard as earn them and his childs will spend his money very unreasonable.

At the article end: About Bill Gates modesty

Bill Gates is described as a man who is enough modesty in everyday life and appearance. At the same time the house where billionaire lives is fully filled with modern electronics and costs $125 millions according to some information. There are famous qoutes from "The Great Gatsby" by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald on the ceiling in home library. The house locates at the coast of the Lake Washington and has area of 40 thousand square foots. "House of the future" consists of three bounded pavillions made of glass and pines wood. There is a garage for 30 cars on the hill. First Bill Gates car Ford Mustang is placed in a garage corner. First pavillion is for guests fun.

Every guests of "house of the future" received a special pin with favourite coded guest's films, pictures, music and TV shows. The system recognizes yuor tastes during the first home vizit. Central pavillion is a library. There is a giant dome with wooden inlays above the hall. There is a trampoline near with the library. Bill Gates likes to jump on the trampoline thinking such actions help his thoughts concentration. There are a waterpool, japanese bath and trouts lake. Favourite Bill Gates hobby is playing in bridge.

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