10 Signs You Are Happy With Solitude


Modern society apposes us a point when we meet a love of all our lifes - we cognize a meening of being more deeply. But what to do if you still can't find your love and you prefer to lie under a warm blanket instead of spending time with your friends or relative people together?

Keep calm, buddy. If you just want your space, it is your space. Some people just don’t need people, and that is okay. They just love that solo lifestyle.
Here are some 10 signs you prefer riding solo:

1. You like a free weekends.

Your typical weekend is spent without any people, meetengs and duties. Because you prefer to spend beatiful time watching TV serials in cozy home pajamas istead of going to unknown clubs with a big gang drunk and unfamiliar people.

2. You prefer to go to the cinema alone

If you want to see a new Oscar nominated cinematography masterpiece you just go and buy a ticket. You take nobody for a company. Especially if you are one of people who prefer to be on top of all cinema news. And you will not be able to share popcorn. Who even enjoys sharing food?

3. You’re comfortable with eating out by yourself

It is probably funny having a dinner with friends. But is so if such dinner is not become in meal choosing. Especially the most inconvenient moment is a bill dividing. So you prefer to be with yourself in such situations. And you shouldn't to adjust somebody's budget, tastes and religious views. And nobody wants to take a peace of food from your dish!

4. You prefer drinking in your own.

Somebody thinks that it is very boring action buy you have got another point of view. There is only you, a wineglass of alcohol drink and no more explanations. Also you won't think about how to get home -- you are already at home

5. Travel the world alone - why not?

Discovering the world idea doesn't scare you. Also such perspective inspires you. You can go where you want and to see places which you want to see. And you can do everything that you want instead of plans and routes corrections in friends company.

6. Your bed is your castle.

Big and comfortable bed is a fine and useful thing. But you prefer to sleep as a sea star at summer and bundle up blunket at winter. And you hate to share your blunket with somebody and wake up among a night by reason of a loud snore.

7. You like to drive car solo.

Driving at free and wide road clean up your thoughts and calm you down after hard working day. In our fully communicated world driving a car is one method to leave everybody and averything at least on short time period.

8. You are not care about your mobile phone.

You are not needed in share your news to whole world. Also you don't like stupid phone calls and tiresome mail writing. It normal for you missing such phone calls and messages.

9. You can ignore social life for a long time.

Your friends and family sometimes can't find you for a couple of days, weeks and even a month. They don't worry about you because they know that you have exhausted you social activity.
You are not needed in every-minute communication. You prefer enthralling reading or doing useful homework to funny night with your friends.

10. You see “clingy” as an unattractive trait

The idea of being unable to get out of a commitment scares you, whether it’s committing to having dinner with friends, being in a relationship, or even your mobile-phone contract.
You need that space to be alone, physically and mentally.

Even when you have a family, you need that alone time to gain your sanity. Someone who requires your undivided attention is an automatic added in your black list.

No matter how demanding work, family, friends and relationships can get, you always need that time to step away from it all and have that space to yourself.

Your moments and thoughts alone are the only things society can’t control. Your decisions are wholeheartedly your decisions, and you love that.

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