10 Everyday Actions That are done Incorrect


There are many things which take a lot of times in our life and too nervous to do. But you can stop this ugliness. In this post merelinc.com share 10 ways to make trivial actions easier and more comfortable.

Drink through a straw.

Insert a straw into the bank's tab hole. Your straw never sneaks out!

Produce a round omelette.

An ideal round scrambled eggs are produced without any secret and special devices. It is done with ordinary onion ring.

There’s a foolproof way to get reliable cables connection.

Just plug yoor cords into a loop to avoid disconnection

Forget to pack a spoon with that applesauce? No problem.

Ever find yourself with an individual cup of applesauce or yogurt and no spoon? Instead of slurping and probably getting half of your snack on your shirt, turn the foil lid into a makeshift spoon


If you want to lacquer your nails just use this scheme!

Fast drink cooling.

If you want to cool a bottle of beer just wrap it with wet paper towel and place into a fridge. 15 minutes - ready for drink!

Tieing shoelaces.

The method was invented by Aiana Figen. With such kneet shoelaces never unleashes. Actually, if you do it yourself)

Sandwich with ice cream.

Cut up an ice cream pack, put one peace on a cookie or a biscuit, cover with it too. Done!

Plastic pack openning.

Just use can opener if you want to open a rough plastic packs, that aren't be able to opened with scissors.

You’re brushing with too much toothpaste.

You only need to use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste for effective cleaning. Most ads feature globs of toothpaste the size of the brush because a.) it looks nice and b.) it makes you use up more toothpaste.

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