About site

merelinc.com was founded in later 2014. There was a little world politician crisis and I have got some free time in later evenings. So I decided to make a test little site with some funny things, places and animals.

    I decided to start with categories below:
  • abandoned
  • animals
  • around the world
  • art and design
  • nature
  • catastrophe
  • …and other funny things category

My purposes are collect many interesting, pretty and cool places, animals, facts and scenes in one place. It willbe castles, landscapes, rarity phenomenon, abandoned buildings (like crimean atomic energy station). I’m going to try social network promotion for my site. But I don’t have a plan to clutter up my little and bulbed site with tons of annoying advertisement because if we want to read advertisements — we go downstairs and check our mailbox:)

And I’m not going to share posts about politics and ambiguous themes. My purpose is not to motivate conflicts.

I think, that I should format this section as a divided blocks — cause many visitors are able to be interested in site’s story. So hmmm… the time will specify.

So if you have some free time for rest and relaxation — open merelinc.com