Russian car industry: pin up advertising

In fact, if modern russian car were promoted with such pictures we are sure: there won't be any problems with sales. Just look at this happy people and this photos foreshortening! Colors and entourage is so incredible! You are going to buy that "blue bird" for yourself!

Abandoned nuclear lighthouse in Russia

Russian North coast takes a huge territory. There is long polar winters, practically lack of sunshine - only continuous polar night during 100 days. But North coast is the shortest way for Russian ships sailing from east part of Russia to west. Such route is no so complicated with modern GPS navigators. But there weren't any navigators before, so political party ordered to built a nuclear powered lighthouse network,which were autonomous and worked on atomic energy. About one of those lighthouse you can read below...

Famous soda drinks: 100 years ago taste(probes are inside the article)

Every time, when we open a can or a bottle of our favourite drink we know that its taste will be the same all the time. And we think that nobody thinks about why is the drink taste exactly suchlike?

9 steps for unhappy couples disclosure

When we see a happy couple we think: "It is real luck! They do love each other". It is true: there are such marriage, but they are mich more less than we think and not with people who demonstrate it. We bring together the most significant examples how people try to convince yourself and other people that they are happy in marriage.

How to safe young time?

XXI century students often faces with a problem: they has got not enough free time even for having a rest. And they want to solve many problems and spend some time with their friends. How to be?

10 signs that a girl likes you

How to know that your tries are really effective? How don't make a floater, when you are hoping, that your baby doesn't reject? There are a lot of advices on such themes. But a huge part of them are contained in books initiated relations psychology between girls and guys. So, if you decided to realize your male sexual fantasies and dreams - you should have tolerance.

Places for falling in love this year

And once again spring. It's time for falling in love for you. And spent this summer with beatiful, unbelievable
emotions. Let us to increase your feelings and prepare you by showing 15 most beatiful places where you will find you love this year.

62 QWERTY Android phones: amazing buttons!

Are you looking for an Android phone with a physical QWERTY keypad? In my review you can find almost all qwerty-keyboard devices under different Android versions control. Some of them are sexy, some of them -- funny, some of them -- inspiring, but all of them are unique and unrepeatable.

Although physical keyboard phones might not be mainstream anymore, sometimes it’s hard to beat the feel of real keys under your fingertips. Blackberry may still be the default choice for many, but Android has a few of its own gems too. Sadly there are few great QWERTY Android handsets released very often, but here’s a collection of the best handsets, old and new.

Well, take some cookies and a cup of tea and prepare yourself for interesting journey to qwerty-keyboard android phones country!

Nokia phones story: from brick to hi-end

I think everybody has had more than one Nokia phone. It is like nostalgia: N-Gage QD, 1101, 3230, 7280... Today everybody has a multifunctional device, but we still can remember a time, when Nokia phones were real hi-end or stylish devices. Legendary company has a lot of legendary cheap and expensive phones. So, let's see on some of them. If you won't find your past Nokia phone in the list - write me a short e-mail and you will see missed device soon.

Crater lakes

A crater lake is a lake that forms in a volcanic crater or caldera, such as a maar; less commonly and with lower association to the term a lake may form in an impact crater caused by a meteorite, or in an artificial explosion caused by humans. Sometimes lakes which form inside calderas are called caldera lakes, but often this distinction is not made. Crater lakes covering active (fumarolic) volcanic vents are sometimes known as volcanic lakes, and the water within them is often acidic, saturated with volcanic gases, and cloudy with a strong greenish color. For example the crater lake of Kawah Ijen in Indonesia has a pH of under 0.5. Lakes located in dormant or extinct volcanoes tend to have fresh water, and the water clarity in such lakes can be exceptional due to the lack of inflowing streams and sediment.