Form is more important filling: design before iPhone

There were some form-factor for phones 5 or even 10 years ago which still haven't got any names. Now people mostly prefer monoblock but designer's thinks were inexhaustible fountain in that years producing a masterpiece or a terrible monster. Slaiders, flips, rotators, sticks - phones were sometimes deprived convenience and functionality. Let's remember incredible creations of genius of design and that ugly ducks that never will be beautiful swans.

10 the most strangest bank notes

Wooden or plastic money, holey bank notes, wine labels and bank notes with vulgar sings to Great Britain queen side... There are 10 the most strange bank notes in history which were ever produced for public usage.

Bill Gates: famous scandals

Our site gathered for our dear readers a collection of famous scandals with Bill Gates: philanthrope, one of CEO and the biggest Microsoft stockholder in the past.

10 The Most Beautiful Frozen Lakes

Due to Global Warming there are not many places where you can see a real long and cald winter. Meanwhile, most people really want to change all that beaches and oceans with frozen rocks, deep snow and frozen-through lakes. decided to put together ten the most beautiful fresh-watered ponds rfow whole world. Every pond can make you to love ainter again. Let's see!

Canada: Abraham lake

10 Everyday Actions That are done Incorrect

There are many things which take a lot of times in our life and too nervous to do. But you can stop this ugliness. In this post share 10 ways to make trivial actions easier and more comfortable.

I want to visit Australia

Trip to Australia is a dream for every tourist. Famous horrible stories about animal-killers and one-metre-height insects couldn't decrease number of people who want to visit this "head over heels" world. Tourist who wants to visit Australia shouldn't be aware of hot sun and be prepared for long hours journey to the continent. And you haven't be aware of many fantastic creatures.

10 Signs You Are Happy With Solitude

Modern society apposes us a point when we meet a love of all our lifes - we cognize a meening of being more deeply. But what to do if you still can't find your love and you prefer to lie under a warm blanket instead of spending time with your friends or relative people together?

Guns in America : National Survey on Private Ownership and Use

The United States is unique among wealthy nations in its vast private inventory of firearms. The nearly 200 million guns in private hands are used in part for recreation, mostly hunting and target shooting. But what engenders the most public controversy over firearms is their use against people during either the commission of or defense against crime.

St Benedict’s school, west London

David Littlefield explains how Buschow Henley Architects’ new building for St Benedict’s School in Ealing, west London, addresses the Catholic foundation’s needs – both secular and religious. A circulation core provides much needed adhesion and connection among a veritable mishmash of existing buildings, while the new assembly hall and chapel supplies the body with a new heart and soul.

Stereoscopic urbanism

In JG Ballard’s ‘The Sound-Sweep’, the sonic strata of everyday urban life – a ‘frenzied hypermanic babel of jostling horns, shrilling tyres, plunging brakes and engines’ – is so without respite that it is literally embedded within walls and surfaces and must be vacuumed away with a device called the ‘sonovac’. The central character, Mangon, is a mute who has developed hyperacute hearing, making him a valued soundsweep.