Russian street art


In spite of the fact that Russian graffiti school constantly develops and successfully functions, it still remains the original interpreted tracing-paper from the West and the Europe, that points to absence of original character and national coloration. The only union purposefully using the cyrillics in their art, is the "Zachem" team.

Works of artists from "Sick systems", practicing a technique of montaging and integrating it with traditional for graffiti calligraphically stylistics are interesting. Combining in the works a font, an illustration and graphic art, they inhale in them a new life, giving to them a monumental aesthetics. As it is possible to note merits of 310 Squad, experimenting with introduction in traditional practice of street art of stylistic and aesthetic receptions from the world of high art and design.

Among the sidewalk artists working directly with posters and stickers, are the most perspective "Zuk club", "Scissors", "Film 0331с" and "August". As a whole the Russian street art today comes out on a world level, even more often attracting attention of galleries. There is a gradual, bilateral process of deleting the side between high and street art: one of them aspires to fall outside the limits of the gallery space in searches of new expressive means, inculcate in it, wishing to become an object of cultural and art criticism research.

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