Boneyard project


“The Boneyard Project” is an art exhibition of scrapped military aircraft that have been repurposed as canvases for contemporary artists. The project involves making of decorative paintings and graffiti on the fuselage of World War II era military aircrafts that lie abandoned in the infamous “Boneyard” in Arizona desert, the USA. The idea of The Boneyard Project was first conceived by Eric Firestone and organized by curator Carlo McCormick in the spring of 2010. Firestone’s concept has since evolved into a larger goal in which various international contemporary artists are set to redesign the entirety of old, out-of-use military planes.

The first instalment of this series, called “The Boneyard Project: Nose Job”, was comprised of works from over a dozen artists. The second part of the project held last year was titled “The Boneyard Project: Return Trip” and featured more than 30 artists including Brazilian street artist Nunca, Los Angeles-based Retna, Swoon and many others.

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