10 key features of IOS 10


As expected, Apple presented new version for operating system IOS 10 on WWDC 2016 developer conference. Company's representatives declared 10 big changes and innovations which were implemented in the widescale update. New operating system didn;t change externally as it was during IOS 6 to 7 transition but IOS 10 had got many new features. For example many people will be surprised with ability to delete reference Apple applications which are not in demand. In our article we will tell us full details about other IOS 10 new features.

Updated user interface

Apple started with changes in interface. We are met by completely new lock screen. Developers changed notification showing - they became more informative and could be interacted with 3D Touch. New function of clearing screen of all notification with one touch was implemented in the update.

You can interact with notifications with one strong touch withou unlocking the device.

Control center function was updated. Now it is showed in similar style as notifications on lock screen.

Interaction with applications was expanded with 3D Touch in IOS 10. Now you get useful information about application with standard contextual menu with quick access to some functions by strong touch on screen. For example, with pressing mail agent icon you will get list of last email senders and sport services will show you progress.

With swipe from left side with 3D Touch you will get menu with missed messages, upcoming events and other activities like notification center in MacOS.


Capabilities of Siri as digital assistant had been limited for a long time but IOS 10 developers will give whole access to it and be able to integrate it to applications. Siri is integrated with keyboard now and can determine language of message.

Besides the IOS 10 keyboard will get automatic geolocation feature for sharing your location.


Reference application Photo was cardinally updated in IOS 10. Recognition of objects and people on photos will become one of key upgrades. Now you will be able to show photos with certain people, animals and objects on it.

All your photos will be able to group by dates, places and events. There is will be a separate tab with flashbacks and "moments" of different flashbacks will be created automatically gathering photos to animations with music.


Apple will also update its cartographic service "Maps". Now you will get automatic scaling and presenting traffic jams on roads

Another one important modification is fact that Apple will open access to "Maps" for third-party developers that will be able to integrate service to their applications.


As many people think, there will be maby updates for Apple Music service in IOS 10. The application will become easier and more comfortable for usage. Also the application will get ability for presentation texts of songs.


Apple will open access to standard application "Phone" for various messangers and other dialing applications in IOS 10. Users will be able to establish standard connection method for dialing with a particulary man from contasts list. For example you will be able to set a connection with some person via Viber and future calls will be executed exactly with Viber service but through "Phone" application.


Apple had actively talked about HomeKit during last years - service for "smart" home but it will be available in separate applicetion only in IOS 10. User will be able to manage all equipment in home. For example iif somebody is ringing the doorbell you will be able to look who is here via exactly this app.


"Messages" application got much attention during the presentation. There will be a lot of innovations for users in IOS 10. Preview for links and video, integration with Apple Music and manual input for text will appered in the new OS. You will be able to replace typed text with smiles that will be bigger in 3 times. You will be able to hide photos and even messages that your companion should do particular actions for showing them. The main innovation is ability for integration other services and programs into "Messages" application. App Store will get a whole section with apps for iMessages including various stickers, animations, photo editors, food ordering and many others.

But that are not all updates of IOS 10. Apple will append many less important innivations like renewal "News" service, ability of editing "live" photos, sustension Split View in Safari browser for iPad and many others

Ability fr upgrading till IOS 10 will be available for all Apple devices from iPhone 5, iPod 6th generation, iPad mini2 and iPad 4.

Today beta version of IOS 10 is presented for deevelopers, and public beta version will be available in June 2016. Official release is planned in autumn 2016.

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