USA winter landscapes

In USA, winter starts on 21st of December, each year during which the temperatures are usually very cold ranging from -4°F to 20°F in most of the places. In several parts of the nation, it normally snows during this season and snow-fall ranges from few inches to couple of feet depending upon where the place is situated. Most northern, north-east, north-central states like, Detroit, New England, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Illinois will get more snow than the states located in southern, south central parts like Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Florida etc., where there may be a little snow or no snow at all.

Every year it starts snowing during December and by the time we celebrate Christmas, the ground is fully covered with snow. Some really enjoy in playing in the snow especially the kids. It is not very uncommon to see snowman in your neighborhood if you are living in one of those northern states.During this Christmas season, people decorate their houses with x-mas trees, colorful lights and other ornaments. Its really mind-blowing to see the trees particularly the pine trees which you can see them every here and then in USA covered with snow. If you happened to go by the side of the hills, you could catch up some nice landscapes during this snowy season.

Whether there is snow, or not, the temperatures won't do any good if you don't protect yourself by wearing two or more layers of clothing like sweaters, leather jackets to keep you warm. Don't forget to stock up on your winter lotions, lip balms, cold, flu, & cough medicines since you may never know when you require them. Always it is better to get updated on the weather before you hit the road since during winter you can expect all sort of unexpected weather conditions like snow storms etc.

In most of the apartments, fire places are present to bring the natural heating effect to the home. Almost every house or apartment is fitted with heater to escape from this cold winter. It is the time of the season when your utility bills like electricity and gas prices go beyond your budget.

While some people would rarely go outside, most people go out for snow skiing, snow sledding and skating or go to ski resorts and enjoy watching others play. While it is a pleasure to play in the snow, you should be prepared for the unexpected weather conditions before you attempt these.

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