The most unusual places in the world

There are some places in the world that are not very popular but its amazing and interesting

Stonehenge made of cars in Nebraska

This unusual park was founded by Jim Reinders in 1987 for Summer Solstice. 39 cars were used for creation of this monument. They were intentionally painted in gray color and dig around a circle -- the monument copies Stonehenge. Some of cars were put togher with welding for arch imitations. The park got relative nickname - Carhenge. Some monuments made of cars were set up around after. Now the place is named Reserve of car art and is visited by about 80000 people in a year.

American hill for pedestrians

This amazing attraction was founded at 13 November 2011 in Duisburg, Germany. It was named as "Tiger and turtle - magic mountain". It looks like an american hill from a distance -- it even has got a loop. But actually it is a stairs that has got about 220 metres of space. Instead of usual american hill carriage there are steps and everybody can follow the steps. It's fact there is amazing view on Rein from the stairs!

Behemothes in zoo of TaiPei

And this unusual sculpture call us to save all animals. Behemothes are "swimming" in sidewalk

UFO museum

Well, readers who wants to find the truth should urgently go to Roswell, New Mexico state (USA). The real museum of UFO is here that has got international status. THe museum has got science-research center that researches unknown fluing objects.

The museum was founded after strange story that happened in that place. An unknown flying object crashed near with city in 1947. Presumably it was flying saucer. Local sheriff picked wrecks and delivered its to military base for research. Military picked them up for subsequent researches.

Many books and articles were write about the accident, some movies were made. And museum was opened in 1991. And besideds a lot of facts of that history there are many facts about UFO from all over the world: observations of ancient astronomers, circles on corn fields and even stories about kidnapping. And the collection gets new thing every year so new area is building for the museum which will contains several buildings.

And the museum has got whole library

The Dragons in love

This charming monument is placed in Verna city, Bulgaria. Two dragons keep "egg of knowledge" in paws. The monument was founded in 2010 near with mineral spring. But some of people dislike the sculpture.

The monument was caused a big scandal: orthodoxes with church in head considered the monument as an abuse. After all dragons represents snake-tempter and it means diabol itself. And the egg is symbolized worldly weakness. Furthermore Varna Metropolitan Kirill said there are no people who bow their heads for pour the water below this strange symbol.

The Black Ghost of Klaipeda

The scupture captured a ghost from a Prussian legend. The ghost is getting out exactly in the place where Memelsky castle was some time ago. The legend says that the ghost appeared for a warder and warned about difficult times that became later.

Witches market

This amazing place is in Bolivia, La-Pas city. The country is characterized with contrasts: Christianity and Paganizm are intertwined very closely here and you started to believe in miracles. Witches market surprised even the pickiest trevellers. There are many extraordinary lots: dried toads, insects, skeletons, different powders, amulets and talismans. All this things are used in rites of bolivian people. For example, if you want to cajole Pachamamu(The fertility goddess in Bolivia) you should wall up lama's emdryos. People say, the house's owner will live well

Also one of polular ritual with dried toad: you should put it on a table, pour an alcohol on it and put a cigarette in its mouth. Then you will get big amount of money. And if you carry the ritual with a turtle -- you will get longevity, or with a owl -- wisdom and knowledge. The main idea -- to believe!

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