The most strangest things that women do for beauty

Beauty is painfully. Every lady who once did an epilation or ear piercing knows about it. But it is nonsense compared with what women from different counries do with themselves for being beauty. Ear tunnels, corsets and plastic surgery on nose can't be collated with procedures which could be endured during years

Neck elongation

"Giraffe women" nickname was given for aboriginal women of Burma from padung commonalty by tourists for habit to put metal rings on neck. They want their neck seem more longer. Actually, women don't stretch their necks by rings as many peoples think. Due to rediographical survey its structure stay as normal as other people have.

Actually shoulder girdle lowers under weight metal rings that can weight about 3-4 kilograms for adult woman. Because it is impossible to replace original metal rings with plastic ones - they won't be able to press shoulders to make deform joint that hold them.

"Stretching neck" process is quite painful especially for young girls who experienced many difficulties wearing such weight on their shoulders. First rings are often dresed at 5 years old and new rings are added before a marriage - skeleton stops to grow at this moment and it is impossible to do a new coil.

There is a myth that according to the custom. Allegedly the most terrible punishment for women of padaung commonalty is removing ring from neck. Ostensibly fragile neck is broken under a weight of a head and woman dies. Actually it is a nonsense. It doesn't depend on what age a woman decides to take rings off: her neck will become normal after 3-5 years.

But there are some exceptions: if spirals are placed very tightly to shoulders and chin thereby woman neck can lose mobility and atrophy. So caution of broken cervical vertebraes can be broken during removal procedure. But woman with rings on their necks has got many problems without this trouble: she can't turn her head and so hasn't got independent lifestyle: to go on the streets, to keep house and even eat.

Therefore such scheme of rings mount is not in usage for a long ago.

Forcibly feeding

Do you refuse yorself in cakes and buns but all the same suffer from excess weight and being slim is still in your dreams? It will be better to go to Mauritania or Higeria - stoutish girl are popular in this countries. A girl is feeded before a marraige according to special diet that are rich for fats with huge amount of milk and meat products because woman should be fit local standarts of beauty. Girls are forced to consume 16000 calories everyday through they get about 150 kilograms to a marriage

Special technique of massage is practised in Mauritania that helps fat to allocate evenly body. There are special porters in rich families who helps burly bride to move for avoiding losing accumulated kilograms.

Process of forcibly feeding in Mauritania named "lebluh". If a girl refuses to eat a lot of fat meal her mother takes a tool that name "zayar". Zayar is two small wood wand that compress fingers of legs. A woman thrusts a tube in daughter's throat at moment of her scream and forcibly pours fat milk. Fingers on legs are often broken during the procedure but it is good: a girl can't move independently and will lose less calories.

Bandaging of legs

One of the most brutal and dangerous procedure that never had practical meaning and done only for beauty is bandaging of legs in China. Now the tradition is under prohibition and only ancient franny lives with lotus-legs. Many people even don't know how bandaging was conducted and think erroneously that little legs were popular in China and foot was tight bandaging with swathes to avoid growth.

Actually "golden lotus" is not just little leg like Cinderella had. It is a foot with special form that was reached only due to fracture and bone coalescense in wrong way. All fingers except big toe are press to feet sole with breaking of phalanxes. And arch of feet is lift up as high as possible in the wat that chicken egg was placed between foot toes and heel.

Such feet is looking very ugly according to european point of view. Girl has got ingrown toenails, purulent skin, sometimes necrosis and felt fingers away. Even Chinese didn't like view of stripped women legs so a wife should go to a husband with newly bandaged with cloth feet.

Infection of foot could bring to blood poisoning and death for a girl. But parents whatever insisted for holding the painful procedure because girls that had normal feet hadn't got chances for success marriage in Chinese during long centuries.

Plate in a lip

Many european girls do piercings and even tunnels in lips. But west people don't still reach a point for such modification of lips like in african tribes

Africans believe that they obstruct a way for vicious spirits who became implanted to man from mouth. But the tradition had got real historical beginnings: slavers didn't take mutilated women according to west extents so there weren't any reasons to steal them from a tribe.

Puncture in underlip is often done before a half of a year to marriage placed a little clay bead-disk in puncture. Disks become bigger and bigger gradually gaining 10-12 centimeters in diameter: bridegroom will pay bigger ransom for a big disk in underlip of his bride.

People of svara nation do a puncture in both women lips. A woman can take disks off only for eating meal or for sleeping. Men is very satisfied for such tradition: such wife don't talk a lot and can't eat much meal.

Skull deformation

Different variants of deformation and trepanation of skull are often done for prospective shamans because such operation is very dangerous for human life. Nevetheless tribes that change form of a head for beauty still exist.

Now nations that practice child's skull deformation live in Malay archipelago, New Hebrides, Congo and Sudan. Such procedure is often made with a wood tablet or a dense string which are swathed around of child head for reaching correct form. New form of a skull is often a bit extended in occipital part or, conversely, very flat nape for 'heart head'.

Sientists can't get solidarity for reason of such procedure causes. May be skull deformation in early ages changes brain evolution and increase one parts and decrease other. But there aren't any reliable information for the subject.

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