I want to visit Australia

Trip to Australia is a dream for every tourist. Famous horrible stories about animal-killers and one-metre-height insects couldn't decrease number of people who want to visit this "head over heels" world. Tourist who wants to visit Australia shouldn't be aware of hot sun and be prepared for long hours journey to the continent. And you haven't be aware of many fantastic creatures.

If you have got strength of mind and indomitable temper you will get a lot of geographic, nature and sightseeing surveys. There are openwork archipelagos of the Great Barrier Reef, ancient monolits, scenic coasts, ideal serfing waves and cute coalas... There are a lot of prizes for every daredevil! Don't forget about beautiful beaches and amazing weather during whole year.

It would be better to start saving up money for such trip!

Hanging rock in the center of Victoria state

View on Melbourne

Hiller is a pink lake

Abandoned railway tunnel in Helensburg city.


Surfer and dolphin

Bioluminescence in Gippsland lakes

Great ocean way

Куда же в Австралии без кенгуру.

You can't imagine Australia without a kangaroo

Wave rock in Pert city

Bungee jump

Whitehaven beach

Sunset on Baross valley

Early bird

Scenic railway in Kuranda

Lighthouse in Byron bay

Princess highway

Native Australian habitant

Visit me in Australia!!!

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