Abandoned nuclear lighthouse in Russia


Russian North coast takes a huge territory. There is long polar winters, practically lack of sunshine - only continuous polar night during 100 days. But North coast is the shortest way for Russian ships sailing from east part of Russia to west. Such route is no so complicated with modern GPS navigators. But there weren't any navigators before, so political party ordered to built a nuclear powered lighthouse network,which were autonomous and worked on atomic energy. About one of those lighthouse you can read below...

This is an abandoned nuclear lighthouse on Aniva foreland (Sahalin island). The lighthouse was powered with atomic energy. It has been built by Japan builders by architect Shinobu Miura in 1939. The 31 metres tower had got 9 stages for lighthouse equipment location, wireless(radio) house, storages, lounge rooms for on duty personnel. Lighthouse personnel was formed with 4 people, which leaved the lighthouse and lived in a little township nearby.

Lighthouses have been built for navigation ships in right way during permanent arctic darkness. Such lighthouse should be completely autonomous because they were in thousands of kilometres from the nearest inhabited locality. The lighthouse had been working till 90s, but then...

There were many reviewed ideas about automation lighthouses work without sustained service and refueling. But only one solution was really effective - nuclear power usage for lighthouses provision. Special radioisotope batteries were created in small parties and delivered to North Pole for installation to lighthouses. The batteries could work for years without any human involvement.

The lighthouse became to work with nuclear isotopic energy elements in 90s. Radioisotope thermoelectric generator is a energy source which uses thermal energy of a radioactive decay. Such generators use strontium-90 as a fuel. And high power-consuming generators use plutonium-238. More than a thousand generators were produced in USSR, but now there are more than 700 generators in Russia. Generators life time is about 10-30 years and most of generators now can't be used.

The lighthouse sent radiosignals to passing ships and switched on light beam depending on the weather. It helped ships to choose a correct path.

In fact this lighthouse was a lighthouse-robot, which could work offline for a long time. Due to nuclear power cell service outlays were very minimal. But due to crisis in country economic the lighthouse was took out of duty, closed and plundered after. Marauders dismantled everything that they could do: all metal constructions and everything that was inside the building. They removed even nuclear butteries disregarded high radiation.

This photos were made till a long trip to such abandoned lighthouse, that was the nearest building to Russian Federation territory. All appearances, that somebody constantly was in this abandoned nuclear lighthouse. We can see filled journal and a water closet. Probably this person managed other nuclear lighthouses work.

Nuclear lighthouses had been working for a some time. But their resources were drained and the buildings became nuclear ghost lighthouses.

It's a huge nuclear lighthouse lamp. Ships crew could see it's light from several dozens of kilometers.

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