Tornado in USA in august 2014


This event was the first major tornado outbreak to hit the US in 2014; it covered a large swath from Nebraska to Louisiana, Illinois to Florida, and Oklahoma to North Carolina. This system affected millions in the Northeastern United States on April 30,[2] causing significant, damaging floods in Maryland[4] and flash flood advisories as far north as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and NYC's metropolitan area and suburbs.

Prior to the arrival of severe storms, a state of emergency was declared for Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee on April 28. In Alabama, 100 National Guard troops were placed on standby to assist communities. Following destructive tornadoes later that day, a state of emergency was also declared for Mississippi. State Medical Assistance Teams were deployed to Tupelo and Winston County while a resupply truck was sent to Winston County. Additionally, a public shelter was opened in Lee County. Ottawa County, Oklahoma was later placed under a state of emergency as well.

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