The most unusual places in the world

There are some places in the world that are not very popular but its amazing and interesting

Aliexpress 11.11 discounts: scam and machinations

A bit of prose...

Annual sale which is dated at 11 November every year is really notable and famous event. Singles day as a folk festival which is celebrated at 11 November in China. It got international popularity and became an analog of Black Friday in USA in 2013. Sellers promise big discounts, bonuses and presents for different neccesary and useful things. And many prople wait this day during aa year.

However, many people have got doubts about realness of discounts that were offered after past years. THis year we are going to check a real level of honesty for discounts that were on Great Sales Day 11.11

We gathered a database of some products from with "best offer" and "hot category" from first to nineteen pages. Finally, we got about 540 000 products for our database. About 30000 products were removed from lists during monitoring time. Now we have got 510 797 products wich are made about 5% from total 10 millions of products which were exhibited by Aliexpress. We think that our collection is the most representative because we gathered the most popular and recomended products

Xiaomi phones history: from little Mi1 to large Mi Max

The smartphone business is notorious for eating companies alive. Even giants of industry have fallen: Sony is on the cusp of throwing in the towel on its phone division, Nokia is now out of the game entirely after having been the largest manufacturer of phones in the world as recently as 2011, and even smartphone-centric companies like HTC are struggling. Yet somehow, there are a few upstarts that are navigating these treacherous, Samsung- and Apple-infested waters — sometimes with enormous success.

Somewhere in this technological New Wave lies Xiaomi, a Chinese firm founded in 2010 that has become impossible to ignore. That’s driven partly by its unapologetic Apple mimicry: its marketing, product strategy, and design aesthetic all borrow elements from Cupertino’s playbook. It’s also driven partly by the high-profile hiring of former Android boss Hugo Barra from Google. But increasingly, it’s driven simply by the fact that Xiaomi is making genuinely interesting products. And at a valuation north of $40 billion, it’s apparently doing something right.

Xiaomi must think so too, because it has just embarked on a US media tour handing out the Mi Note, the company’s 2015 flagship, a phone that isn’t even intended for US sale. Specifically seeking out grizzled US tech journalists to check out your phone — journalists who grind through pitch-perfect iPhones, Galaxy Notes, and HTC Ones all year — shows a certain level of bravado.

Battle of mobile operating systems: Android N vs IOS 10

Big updates for popular operating systems - iOS 10 and Android N - are planning for release this autumn. Android will likely get version 7.0. We remember time when this OS monsters have gone on different ways but now they prefer to borrow some features each other. Nevertheless it is still diverse operating systems with own philosophy of future mobile world. Now we are going to compare not released Android and iOS in some different criterions and figure out which operating system will offer more features for users.

10 key features of IOS 10

As expected, Apple presented new version for operating system IOS 10 on WWDC 2016 developer conference. Company's representatives declared 10 big changes and innovations which were implemented in the widescale update. New operating system didn;t change externally as it was during IOS 6 to 7 transition but IOS 10 had got many new features. For example many people will be surprised with ability to delete reference Apple applications which are not in demand. In our article we will tell us full details about other IOS 10 new features.

The most strangest things that women do for beauty

Beauty is painfully. Every lady who once did an epilation or ear piercing knows about it. But it is nonsense compared with what women from different counries do with themselves for being beauty. Ear tunnels, corsets and plastic surgery on nose can't be collated with procedures which could be endured during years

Form is more important filling: design before iPhone

There were some form-factor for phones 5 or even 10 years ago which still haven't got any names. Now people mostly prefer monoblock but designer's thinks were inexhaustible fountain in that years producing a masterpiece or a terrible monster. Slaiders, flips, rotators, sticks - phones were sometimes deprived convenience and functionality. Let's remember incredible creations of genius of design and that ugly ducks that never will be beautiful swans.

10 the most strangest bank notes

Wooden or plastic money, holey bank notes, wine labels and bank notes with vulgar sings to Great Britain queen side... There are 10 the most strange bank notes in history which were ever produced for public usage.

Bill Gates: famous scandals

Our site gathered for our dear readers a collection of famous scandals with Bill Gates: philanthrope, one of CEO and the biggest Microsoft stockholder in the past.

10 The Most Beautiful Frozen Lakes

Due to Global Warming there are not many places where you can see a real long and cald winter. Meanwhile, most people really want to change all that beaches and oceans with frozen rocks, deep snow and frozen-through lakes. decided to put together ten the most beautiful fresh-watered ponds rfow whole world. Every pond can make you to love ainter again. Let's see!

Canada: Abraham lake